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  The company is located in Taizhou which is the new habor city in Zhejiang. It is a key enterprise specializing in the production and design of tassels, tiebacks, fringes, trimmings and cords. Nowadays, the enterprise has more than 70 sets of decorative borde machines and cord machines. It also specializes in the manufacturing of children's articles with the brand of "miying house" such as children's shoes, caps, hankerchiefs, blankets, pillows etc.      More >>>
  ADD: Baishuli Industrial Zone, Zhangan, Jiaojiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.
TEL: +86-576-88985205, 88985732, 88985185 
FAX: +86-576-88985328

URL: www.tassel-china.com
E-mail: yls@chinatassels.com


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